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When the  Arch Diocese of  Changanacherry  was bifurcated  and the new  Diocese  of Kanjirappally  was  created on 26th  February  1977,  the  Sacred  Heart  Congregation  spread out  in the area  felt  the  urgency  to form  the  Vimala  Region.  According  to the  wish  and  encouragement  of the Bishop , Mar  Joseph  Powathil , we  could  start  more  and  more  houses  in  new  parishes.

The  General  Council  of the  Congregation   approved the  Region  on  19th March  and  the formal  inauguration  was  made on  2nd  April   1978.  In 1979 the Extra -ordinary General Synaxis declared the Region as Vimala Vice Province. August 15th   of 1988 is the   most remarkable and   memorable day for us. It was on that day, Vimala Vice Province was raised to the Vimala Province.

1982 onwards our sisters have been working in Germany and Switzerland for the province.  In 1988   we started mission work outside Kerala.

Mar. Paul Chittilappally,  the Bishop of  Kalyan cordially invited us  to his Diocese  and  the first mission station  started functioning at Nasik  ( Maharashtra  state ) on 20th January  1989. At present  there  are  three houses in the mission  engaged  in  education  and  pastoral  work. 

In 2002 our sisters went to Namibia. And the province   Could  extend   herself  to  Africa with  Four sisters  working  in  a  hospital  at  Andara.   The  sisters  in this  province  witness  the  compassionate  love  of  the   Sacred   Heart  of  Jesus  in  many   fields,  considering  the  signs  of the  time.

Now  the province has  303  perpetually vowed  sisters, 15 temporarily  professed  sisters,  26  formed  houses and  06  Service Centres, Residences 07, 2 Hospitals  and one Pain and Paliative Care Centre. The growth of the Province  in these years  is  indeed  remarkable.

The  major superiors  who  were in authority  for  service  in this  province.

Sr. Ursula                       

1978 - 1982

Sr. Scholastica              

1983 - 1988

Sr. Antoine                   

1988 - 1994

Sr. Innocent  Therese  

1994 - 2000

Sr. Terese Kadukunnel

2000 - 2006

Sr. Joice Liza                       

2006 - 2009

The  present  council  includes  :-

Sr. Annie John

Sister Provincial   

Sr. Antoine

Education  and  communication  media,
Vicar Provincial

Sr. Silvia

Charitative  activities ,
Care  of the  destitute  and  nursing  the sick

Sr. Jose Annie    

Social  welfare  activities

Sr. Therese  George

Proclamation  of  the Gospel ,Pastoral work
Pastoral  wo   and  missionary work

S r. Joice Maria


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